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Egg Carton Treasure Hunts

As a parent in a world that is saturated with screens, I am constantly trying to find ways to make the natural world more interesting for my kids. Obviously there is the part of me that thinks, "the outside world is flipping brilliant - why am I pandering to this crappy culture by resorting to bait to lure them out?"

On the flipside though, I also understand that kids these days have grown up with the possibility of accessing entire worlds from the palm of their hands - of course the simple things seem a bit, well, simple! It is around then that I stop being so crotchety and give myself a break by reasoning that the ends justify the means. Which brings me to the hero of the post...

... the humble egg carton and the endless possibilities it holds (not just the eggy ones).

My two - on the hunt!

How an egg carton treasure hunt works

An egg carton treasure hunt is all about exploration and getting to know the outside.

We usually take our cartons on family walks and it adds a lot of excitement to the kids and distracts them from the fact that they are burning off precious energy.

Before your walk (or your visit to whatever outdoor space you want them to explore) decide on the treasure (something they will find outside). Write a quick list of things that you can find in that area. For example, if you are going to a park you may find sticks, stones, feathers, leaves, bark or a butterfly wing. The beach may offer shells, sticks, sea glass or rubbish. You get the gist.

Then either write, draw or paint (gauged by how much effort you have in your stocks) a different object at the bottom of every egg