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Emily Ehlers has been writing, drawing, speaking, loving and learning about the natural world for approximately 275 years. 

Or 33, if you want to get super specific about it.

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Ems superpower is taking heavy environmental issues and making them feel... lighter. Less terrifying. More hell-yes-lets-do-this-thing. While she knows that the planet is in a spot of human-driven bother, she also feels that running around screaming “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” is as motivating as a kick to the shins. 


Back in 2018 she found herself upset with the messaging around issues of sustainability. It was all doom, gloom and algal bloom. Even she, a bona fide eco geeko, felt devastatingly deflated. So she decided to try a different tact. She would try her best to give “going green” a rebrand and focus on solutions and story-telling, add in a squeeze of hope and (of course) a generous dollop of humour. Oh… and puns. Definitely more puns. 


So she started sketching and writing and sharing and all the things… and the rest is history. Well, HERstory, actually.

















Since then, Ems planet positive messages have travelled far across the rollicking hills of the interwebs. Her work has been widely shared and is highly recognisable for it’s bright, bold and busy designs. She gets feedback daily that her art has helped turn environmental apathy into everyday action and this makes her very happy indeed.

Nowadays, Em works as an environmental writer, illustrator and speaker.

She is also a student (one of those old-ish sort of ones) and is completing

her degree in Sustainable Development & International Aid at Murdoch University. 

She has been referred to as an Eco Influencer, but that made her vomit in her mouth a little. Instead, she calls herself an Ambassador for Sustainable Stuff. Or ASS for short. Past clients have included SodaStream and National Geographic. 


Em is a regular contributor for Peppermint Magazine and pops up in print all over the place. You can also see her featured on the Channel 7 feature, Rough Cuts, speaking about her work as an environmental artist. She is ever-delighted to see her work featured in places like Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, ABC, SBS Viceland and WWF. 


In 2019 Em was awarded a New Colombo scholarship from the Australian Government and in conjunction with Edith Cowan University and travelled to Bhutan for a Sustainability and Business Tour. It was a life-changing experience for her and she will ruthlessly use any excuse she can to talk about it. 

If you want more official, braggy guff about her achievements and past projects, you can head on over here to her media page.


Alternately if you want to speak about collaborating, you can reach Em at or via her contact page, here. 


She especially wants to hear from you if your collaboration offer includes the opportunity to spoon with a Beluga Whale because there is nothing better than a Beluga Whale*.


Em is based in Perth, Western Australia, and lives with her husband, two kids and the largest pile of laundry in the Southern Hemisphere. 


*Except maybe TWO beluga whales. 

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Plastic Bag on Beach
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