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I deeply consider every product that I make and the impact they will have on our precious planet. While I am a small business, I base all decisions on a framework that John Elkington created in 1994 called The Triple Bottom Line. His theory is that a company's success should not be measured by their profit alone but also by their environmental and social impact. I think that makes damn good sense. It may mean extra work, less profit margin & long nights spent researching local businesses that use vegetable based inks BUT this is the way it should be - intentional and considered. 

I strive to always use the most environmentally-friendly materials that have been produced in fair conditions. I do everything in my power to apply a zero-waste mentality to all areas of my business whether it’s in packaging, materials, delivery and even the coffee that fuels any 2am work sessions. I also pledge to be transparent with my operations and limitations.

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I am a white, educated, cis-gender woman from the upper middle class. I am also deeply concerned about environmental justice and issues of social inequity. In my work I always try to positively contribute to these issues, to give a platform to the to under-represented and to use my voice and platform to help those without. 

I am sure that I will make mistakes along the way. I already have. However I am always open to learning and gaining new perspectives.


If you need to share one with me, please email me at

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