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Emily Ehlers - most commonly known as Eco with Em - is a strange hybrid of writer, illustrator and environmentalist.


Her quirky, solutions-focused environmental artworks have been virally shared and have been strongly linked to severe cases of hopefulness.


When she is not completing her degree in Sustainable Development & International Aid she is working with clients including National Geographic and Sodastream. Her art-ivism was also the subject of a Channel 7 feature called Rough Cuts.  


She is based in Western Australian with her husband, two kids and the largest pile of laundry in the Southern Hemisphere.

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  • Em has been a regular columnist for Peppermint Magazine, since 2018. She has also written for Nature & Health Magazine and her escapades in print are set to expand in 2020. 


  • Em also ran Emily Ehlers Copywriting from 2014 - 2016 - specialised in copy for green lifestyle brands and solopreneurs. Clients included Soulpreneurs, Helen Padarin, Tara Bliss, Lisa Corduff & Alice Nicholls. 

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Ems and her work was featured on a Channel 7 show, Rough Cuts, and you can see that here. 

Em creates her own eco prints and also works with various brands to create custom content artwork, graphics and other creations (see here).

Previous collaborations include National Geographic and The Permacrafters with more coming in 2020. 

Her art has been featured on  Buzzfeed, Science Direct, SBS Viceland, WWF, 1 Million Women, ABC, Captain Liz Clark,and the Jane Goodall Institute. 

Em also worked on the prop design for “Fluid, a festival-selected short film by Jack Arbuckle. 

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Em was the Social Media Manager for the 2013 grassroots Plastic Free Freo campaign designed to ban local businesses from providing single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags to customers.


Graduated as a certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013. 


In 2019, Em was awarded a New Colombo Scholarship (through her university and the Australian Government), to travel to Bhutan for a Sustainability and Business Tour of the region. It was a life-changing experience and Em will ruthlessly elbow it into any conversation that she can. 

Named by Australian Organic as #4 on their Top 10 social media accounts you should be following

Named by Casa de Karma as one of the “Best instagram mums to follow”.

She also got very fan-girly when she was mentioned on Sarah Wilson’s personal blog (When other people do Simplicious better than me). 


Em has spoken at various workshops and festivals, including the Less is More Festival and as a guest presenter for Living Smart. 

She has also blended her interest in creative communication, personal development and positive change to host Passion & Possibility, which 60+ people attended.

In a similar vein, she collaborated with Period Coach, Claire Baker to host the Dream, Then Do workshop. 


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