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An eco poem about... farmers markets.

Oh hey there farmers market, I really like your style. I think I’ll get a coffee And hang about a while. And while I’m here perusing Can I say a thing or two? An ode to why I think your great ‘Cause seriously - I do!

I love that when I come here I can talk to the producers They tell me what’s good growing And what goes best in juices. We talk about their lives We chat like two real souls. And it feels so much more human Than those fluoro lights at Coles!

I love to see the products That have been made by human hands That don’t support nasty practices In far off foreign lands. I love the organic local stuff That’s kinder to our soils, I love that I get chocolate straight from a plate Not wrapped in plastics and foils!

I love my plant man telling me How best to grow my herbs. I love this bustling patch of green Nestled in the ‘burbs. And most of all I love that Shopping can feel and do some good. I think there should be a market In every damn neighbourhood.

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