For those of us that love the planet, Christmas can be a conflicting time. I’ll bet you’re torn between glaring at all the tokenistic gifts that are destined to end up in landfill yet still wanting to show your loved ones how treasured they are.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a present that was light on the planet but heavy on heart… and guaranteed to be treasured not trashed?


What would you say if I offered to take your great big heart and turn it into eco art? Yes!  

For the month of November I have space to offer only 4 hand illustrated digital portraits in a variety of styles. While I offer 3 set general poses, I can make them unique as you are.


  • Want you and your pooch wearing flower crowns? No problem.
  • Want your kids hair perfectly neat without any runny nose? Done.
  • I can add writing, quotes, banners, backgrounds or wreaths for only a small amount extra*.


Finally, before you yell “HOLY SNOT BUBBLE, BATMAN!”, No - I don’t need a perfect photo where all of you are perfectly posed photo (where you all have your eyes open) to model the art from. I mean, do they even exist? Just a few pictures of your faces, a chat on the phone and we’re off and running! Well, you might be running – I’ll be sketching!


*If you want to add anything just pay below to secure a portrait first and we’ll figure out the extras later.



  • 1 x custom hand drawn 300dpi image (which is fancy speak for saying it is print quality up to A2 print size) in my signature style
  • JPEG, PSD and PDF format (you'll even be able to get this printed onto things like mugs etc)
  • A 15 minute consult with me via Zoom or phone to get crystal clear on what you want and how I can bring it to life for you.
  • 2 x revisions (at first draft and final artwork) where you can tweak to make sure it's absolutely perfect! 



  • I’ll even send you a digital file the perfect size for your phone wallpaper!



For $25 extra (plus a flat shipping rate) you can have this printed and/or framed and delivered straight to your door – or straight to theirs if you want to save money on postage!

(Printed and shipped from local locations, reducing 85% emissions usually associated with these processes all while supporting your own local economy! )

See HERE if you’re interested.



  • The Traditional – all standing next to each other, holding hands. Simple, clean and with outfits on full show.
  • The Cuddle Puddle – a big group hug, standing or sitting. Beautiful for capturing the spirit of your relationships.
  • The Through-My-Eyes – a love letter to someone who needs some lifting. An image of how you see them or the future you believe awaits them (I created this option with my teen self – so low in self esteem – in mind). Surrounded by artefacts that make them them i.e. instruments, pets, sporting equipment, posters.


*Extras can be added from typography, quote, flower crowns, custom text, banners etc.  



  • To secure your place make a payment below.
  • I will then email you to set up a time to chat, to answer any questions you have and to give you the expected date that I will dispatch the artwork.
  • Once confirmed your artwork will be completed and dispatched within 2 days of schedule time


PLEASE NOTE: All  artwork will be dispatched NO LATER than 30th November, 2020. This is taking an extremely cautious approach to Christmas delivery (along with Covid delays) ensuring your loved one gets their gift on time.   


Custom Illustration - 5 characters (DIGITAL)

The Traditional
The Cuddle Puddle
The Through-My-Eyes
  • As this is a service, I do not offer returns. However the revision process ensures that we come to an end product that you absolutley love! 

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